LEGO Spike Pilot in Joensuu

The Spike sets were starring in the #DigiEduHack event

The optional groups (Technologies of the Future) of the Länsikatu Training School, participated in the DigiEduHack-event in mid-November. The students were from grades 5 and 6. DigiEduHack was a series of online and offline idea-hackathons happening all around the world for two days, focusing on co-creating the future of education at the digital age. More information about the DigiEduHack event can be found clicking at this link.

During the evening, the students were tasked with the designing of a learning experience of their dreams and familiarizing themselves with programming in the form of different challenges. The technology we used was Lego Spike. The students were able to work well and actively on the challenges, and the event left a positive feeling for both the teachers and students. You will be able to get into DigiEduHack’s moods by watching this short video clip.

During the event we were in video contact with the main stage of the event in Berlin. The DigiEduHack event was opened by innovation commissioner Mariya Gabriel from the European Commission, to whom we sent a video greeting with some questions from our students beforehand. The event was coordinated by Aalto University. We hope to be back next year and hopefully you’ll also join!

Creativity is intelligence having fun!
– Albert Einstein

LEGO Spike-sarjan keskusyksikkö