FCL Ambassadors Activity Digest 10/2023


Micro:bit project at the Teacher

Training School of the University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

The enthusiastic second-grade students at the Teacher Training School of the University of Jyväskylä have stepped towards combining technology and emotional skills. Eight and nine-year-old young researchers have delved into the world of emotions, learning to recognise, name, and share different feelings with others.

The highlight of this project was when the students combined their creativity and technological skills by crafting robots that operate in interactive situations. The robots were not just craft projects, but they were programmed with the ability to communicate feelings. Using micro: bit pocket computers, students programmed the robots to express their feelings in various ways: in words, sounds, and also with emoji symbols.

Conversations between the robots gave the students a new perspective on communication and expressing emotions. Sometimes, when words get stuck in one’s throat, it can be easier to let a self-made robot speak on one’s behalf. This project demonstrated how technology can be valuable in developing children’s social skills and self-awareness.

Planning meeting Finnish Ambassadors

The FCLab.fi Ambassadors met on 14-15 September 2023 with over 20 people from all the Finnish labs. They planned the activities for the new school year and its goals, focusing on especially developing digital skills and exploring artificial intelligence for learning. They also discussed research, experiments, business cooperation and events. They set high goals and decided to publish a new e-publication in April.